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Dental Implants

Family Dental has extensive training and experience with dental implants, an alternative to removable partials, bridges and dentures.

With dental implants, we place a small titanium screw in your jawbone. This acts like tooth roots to anchor a prosthetic in your mouth. There are three types of implants in your mouth.

A single tooth dental implant replaces a missing tooth with a crown, shaped to look like the original tooth. An implant supported bridge supports a bridge designed to look like one or more missing teeth. An implant supported denture holds natural looking dentures permanently in place in your mouth. In most procedures, the implant is placed during one appointment and after it heals, the crown, bridge or denture is applied. Since everyone is different, Family Dental will need to evaluate your dental health to determine if an implant is right for you.
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  • Implants
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